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Kandi Pedhe, Zunka- Bhakar, Misal Pav, Kolhapuri Mutton Thali, Tambada & Pandhara Rassa, Kanda - Lassun Chatani, Kakvi, Gul, Kolhapuri Saaj ( Jwellary ), Kolhapuri Chappal
My Loving Kolhapur
Arts, aristocracy and graciousness, a legacy of velour combined with culture stepped in spiritualism, education and modernization.
Kolhapur, known as 'Dakshin Kashi' is one of the most prosperious and joycus city of India in Southern Maharashtra in western Ghats. Kolhapur the down of godess Mahalaxmi is gifted with and incredible archeological & cultural heritage, magnificent temples, monuments forts, lakes and gardens. Kolhapur is world famous for “Kolhapur Chappals” & Jaggery. Flushed with tourists al around the year city is equally famous for special kolhapuri Misal and Kolhapur Rassa.
Mahalaxmi Temple
Mahalaxmi Temple is situated at the heart of city. Shree Mahalaxmi is the godess of wealth, where pilgrims flock in numbers to seek her blessings , it is also known as Dakshin Kashi.
Mahalaxmi also known as Ambabai enjoys status of one of the important spiritual centers in India. Construction of the temple is initiated in 7th century by Chalukya rulers and further beautified by Yadavas till 9th Century AD. Garuda Mandap used for concerts by renowed artists is bult in 1838 AD.
During Navratri Festival Temple is well decorated with lights & flowers and renowned musicion, Kirtankars, artists pay their homage by performing for godess to public at large in temple.
Bhavani Mandap
One of the gracious place of Kolhapur , which has a greatful historic background of Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj.
Town Hall :
Museum of Kolhapur 's Historical paintings and events.
Historical ruminants from bramhapuri, old paintings, coins, sculpture remains along with weapony are displayed here.
New Palace - Shahu Moseum :
Abounded in culturally rich heritage that displays immense art of performance that is depicted in every activity like wrestling, Danpatta, Lathi, Mallakhamb etc.
Royal Palace completed during 1884 displays fine combination of Hindu and British architecture. Palace has been occupied partially by royal family and is surrounded by well maintained garden.
Sahu Mouseum a part of Palace has rare paintings, weaponary and arterials. It also houses stuffed animals & birds which attracts children. Darbar hall also displays richness of darbar decorum of the kingdom.
Near by Palace, a lake with rare visitor birds, dears, alligator and peacocks also attract tourists.
Rankala Choupati :
Rankala Lake is one of the great place of kolhapur , where beautiful garden around the lake which entertain you and swing your heart in whirpool. Favorite place of children.
A beautiful lake is named offer the temple of 'Rankbhairav'. an incamation of lord Shiva, A quarry is formed in to a nutural lake after earthquake in 8th / 9th century AD. Well maintained garden & beautiful shalini palace along the lake side attracts every visitor to Kolhapur.
Khasbhag Maidan
It is tradintional wrestling ground in round shape constructed by Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj is the only historical wrestling ground in India having sitting capacity of 30000 viewers.
The mighty fort is bound to lead you breathless. Above all its past history might mesmerize you in present. It is just 18 kms. From kolhapur .
A well known fort and hill station Panhala is 20 km west of Kolhapu. Fort has history of more than 2000 years. Fort is built up by king Bhoj during during mid of 11 th Century AD.This fort visited by the great 'Shivaji' has historical importance. Also being capital of Advil Shah's of vijapur and Maratha Kingdom fort has many historical structures such as Andhar Bav, Tin Daravaja, Pussati Buruj, Ambarkhana, also has few attracts and structures to visit.
Panhala, a well known tourist center, has many resorts alongwith MTDC. Being at aittitude of 3127 ff from sea level is well developed hill station.
Jyotiba Temple
Situated at 17 kms away from Kolhapur at the height of 3100 mtrs. It is known as Dakkhancha Raja.
Jotiba is incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu , Mahesh and Jamdagni situated 17 km North East of Kolhapur in a villiage wadi Ratnagiri Jotiba is also well known piligrimage center.
Holy Dutta Mandir at the bank of Krishna river situated just 52 kms. Away from kolhapur .
A Temple of Shri. Gurdeva Datta on the confluence of river krishna and panchganga is 45 kms east of Kolhapur. Shri Narsinha Saraswati belived to be incarnation of Dutta guru lived here.
Places of Interest
Shri. Mahalxmi Temple
3.5 kms
Railway Station
0.5 kms
Central Bus Station
0.5 kms
Chandrakant Mandare Art Gallery
2 kms
New Palace
2.5 kms
Shivaji University
3 kms
Bhavani Mandap
3.5 kms
Rankala Choupati
4.5 kms
5 kms
MIDC Gokulshirgaon
9 kms
MIDC Shiroli
10 kms
Shri Jotiba Hill-Temple
17 kms
Kaneri Math
17 kms
Ramling Hill-Temple
20 kms
Bahubali Temple
22 kms
Panhala Fort
23 kms
30 kms
Shrikshetra Narsinhwadi
50 kms
Shrikshetra Audumber
55 kms
Places from Kolhapur to
130 kms
Amba Ghat
70 kms
110 kms
614 kms
Gaganbawada ( Gagangiri )
50 kms
160 kms
246 kms
Gokak Falls
90 kms
28 kms
125 kms
190 kms
50 kms
394 kms
238 kms
Radhanagari / Dajipur Forest
85 kms
140 kms
45 kms
248 kms
90 kms
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My Loving Kolhapur
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